Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Well I'm going to the gym again today to do "circuit training" where you do about 30 minutes on the weight machines (like Curves sorta). Last time I was only able to go through the circuit once, and you're really supposed to do it twice. But when you're in the kind of shape I'm in, it's too hard to do the circuit twice. Even just once, and a few days later I'm still sore from it.

Yesterday I made a fool of myself asking around at the gym to see if any of the trainers on staff had actually even been out of shape or had to lost weight. You know, so they could know where I'm coming from. Evidently I'm living in a dream land with that one. Oh well. It's just difficult to talk to some of them and not get empathy. I'll say "it's just so difficult to do the elliptical trainer!" And they give me this blank look. Blah.

Emmy and I are coloring together. It looks... nice...

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Lady Arden said...

You're an inspiration Sarah. I always find a million excuses not to go to a gym, and I'm much the worse these days for lack of exercise.

If it makes you feel any better I go to the university gym where most of the others are very fit and very flexible and usually 17/18 yrs old, including the people that work there.

*Sends you some empathy on the elliptical machine* I felt silly because I went to that same machine and couldn't figure out how to turn it "on". I pressed every button on it and looked for a switch, but I couldn't get the screen to turn on. I went and asked for help and apparently I just needed to step on it and start moving and it turns itself on.

I pray God gives you the mental strength to take the best care of your body possible.