Wednesday, January 04, 2006


My daughter is not a big eater. She eats like her dad, which is whenever her blood sugar drops too low to read she decides to eat a couple of things. It makes it easy because if she's hungry she'll eat anything and if she's not she just won't eat.

Denali on the other hand has not turned down any food in the last two weeks. He will eat until his little belly is chock full and then he might start turning down a bit of food. Then 20 minutes later he's up again wanting more. He says "nananana" for food.

What do you think? Is it a growth spurt or a fundamental difference? Tell me about your boys...

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Susan said...

Well, my kids are excatly opposite. My girl will eat until she burst, but I almost have to bribe my boy to eat anything at all. I do know when Emily eats and eats and eats she usually starts to sleep and sleep and sleep and one day she wakes up two inches taller. So it may just be a growth spurt.