Saturday, January 07, 2006

A great Day

Today was so fun!
First I spent 4 hours at church with friends learning how to pass my faith on to my kids. Got lots of good ideas there. There was free daycare where the kiddos got to play with their friends and make crafts that would, later in the day, ruin my new pants (more details in a second here).

Then My Dear Husband watched the kiddos while my sister and I went out all by ourselves. First we went to Costco with the rest of the world and picked up a couple things. Then we went out to lunch at a cute little cafe where a 17 year old Adam Sanders look alike was our waiter.

At lunch we got to talk uninterrupted (except for Adam). We ate slowly and politely. Nothing got spilled on the floor and I did not have to take anyone to the potty. We lingered for an hour there. It was lovely.

After lunch we tried to go to the best undergarment store in town but they were so busy that it would have been a misuse of our limited time. So we went to the mall in search of pants. After three stores and much frustration I finally decided on a pair that is almost slacks but casual enough that I could wear it most days. Here's my problem with pants right now- I'm an 18 Misses. Barely anyone carries 18 Misses. They assume if you are that "fat" that you are also 50 years old and don't care about the cut of your jeans. Mostly you have to jump from 16 misses to 16 women's, and that's a BIG jump.

Anyway we had fun and I picked up a good pair and an idea to order some jeans online.

I got home and went upstairs to play with Emmy after changing into my new pants to show them off. About 5 minutes after changing I stepped on the aforementioned art project which was: a ziploc baggie full of dyed shaving cream. Green. That's right. That's what I stepped on. Of course it exploded and went all over my new pants. Maybe they're not ruined, but now I have to wash them and pray they are still okay.

All in all it was a full and fun day. Now I'm going to start a load of laundry (with my new pants in it), sit down with my library book (Eragon), and drink my caffeine-free Dr. Pepper. Good night!


Avery's mom said...

how sweet of your husband to keep the kids while you have some quality time with sis
I miss my sister so bad,,,she's been gone to Florida since Sept. when our grandfather passed away but only a few more weeks till she gets home for spring semester at school. I know Avery's missed out on playing with her.

whatupthen said...

Thanks for the 18 Misses/Women's clarification. I totally learned something new today.