Saturday, January 14, 2006


I require that my daughter at least try new foods before letting her eat other foods at dinner. For instance, the other day we had some people over and the provided food was chicken spaghetti. I require that she try a bite of it, even if it's new, before saying "I don't like it. I want a sandwich."

Anyway the last few days she has refused to try anything new. So she's been going hungry a lot.

Yesterday afternoon we finally talked about it.
"I think you should try new foods," I said.
"Well I will, mommy. When I'm six," she said.
"I think you should try new foods before that, so that you get into a healthy habit," I returned.
"Okay, mommy. When I'm four I will," was the return bargain.
"I want you to try new foods right now! Not in the future."
"Um, I'll think about it mommy. Can I have a sandwich?"

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Merryheart said...

Funny enough for Reader's Digest!