Monday, February 06, 2006

Blessing Your Husband; Questions for you!

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Questions for Discussion and Contemplation

1. If you’re currently struggling with an annoying character trait or habit that’s really bugging you about your husband and it’s clear that he isn’t making a change right now, what will you do to relieve your feelings of anger, hurt, or frustration? Record your thoughts and feelings and prayers--for your eyes only.

2. Consider a situation in your marriage when your high expectations put your husband under an impossible strain. How did he respond? What brought relief? How will you avoid similar situations in the future?

3. Of your physical needs (such as rest, fitness, nutrition, healing), which most needs your attention right now? What steps can you take toward meeting that need? Set a goal and ask your husband or a close friend to encourage you in your efforts.

Ways to bless your husband today, in a tangible way:
*For at least one day, set aside thoughts of your husband’s faults or shortcomings. Focus instead on God’s unchanging promises and purposes for him.

*Pray for your husband. Then pray some more. And keep on praying.

*Try to understand your husband’s opinion during a disagreement or dispute. Aim to make allowances for the differences between you.

*Refuse to engage in retaliation or self-pity if your husband says or does something thoughtless. Resist unwise responses.

*Identify and examine your expectations of your husband. Write down three or four of the most unrealistic items and commit each day to abandoning them.

*Accept your husband as he is: If your husband isn’t presently interested in discussing spiritual matters, praying with you, or regularly attending church, persist in giving the matter to God in prayer. Don’t despair; keep growing.

I relied heavily on a wonderful book for this lesson; in fact most of it is taken directly from the book in one form or another. I highly recommend it for further reading.
Blessing Your Husband by Debra Evans
ISBN 1589970039.

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