Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Joys of Living in a College Town

Says Emmy at dinner: Which color card would you like? Blue or hook 'em horns?
Daddy: What? Hook em horns? Is that a color?
Emmy: Yes- this one (she indicates a card that is supposed to be red, but is, indeed, quite close to the "hook 'em horns" UT Austin color of burnt orange)
Mommy: I want the blue one.

When pressed, she would not divulge her source, but I assume it is her uncle Zebra who works at the UT Co-Op store even though he has never been a student there.

It's more funny because we really do not have much allegiance toward UT Austin other than living in the same town. Our Alma Mater is ACU in Abilene.


Susan said...

The brainwasing begins early in this town. We have no ties to UT, but both my kids know the hook em sign and are as much of a fan as one can be at 7 and 4 without ever even been to a game.

Angela O. said...

We do have ties to UT since Trey was a 3rd generation Longhorn. I, however, grew up a NE Cornhusker fan courtesy of my alumni Father. Danielle's preschool does the "hook 'em" brainwashing. The other night reading the "Kissing Hand" the end shows the American Sign Language "I Love You." Danielle asked what the "Hook 'em sign with the thumb out means?" Kids associations amaze me.