Saturday, February 18, 2006

Last night we went on a date. First we ate at my favorite Greek restaurant. Then we went shopping. I am in dire need of new exercise clothes and so first we tried Academy. They lost big time. The selection of clothing was too trendy and not big enough for me (I'm a size 18). So we went to Target. They had lots of choices and I picked up some undies, socks, and exercise pants. The pants are very comfy- in fact I'm wearing them now.

Then we went and got the kids from the sitter.

Then I stayed up way too late reading a silly book.

Now it's morning, 39 degrees outside, and we are slowly waking up. Later this morning we are going to see the Biscuit Brothers perform at a church. They are a really fun kid's oriented show that teaches about music. I think Emmy will love it (she loves the TV show) but I'm not going to tell her till we are there. Denali's cold is almost better and we are all feeling a bit better.

I wish it would snow, but not until after the show this morning.


Lady Arden said...

Clothes shopping really can be painful. Why are there so many exercise clothes for people in sizes like size 1? Don't they realize people exercise because they are larger sizes and want to get down to a small size?

Good luck with your goal and don't get discouraged. I'm writing some posts on my blog occasionally about exercise and diet too, as my numbers are putting me in the "at risk" categories lately. I'm always here if you need any encouragement or just want to vent.

Also, I finally checked out FLYlady. I know you've known this site for years, but I'm just getting around to trying organize my house. It's good. I'm taking a few days for each of the babysteps, but I'm constantly learning tips and ideas. Thanks for posting the link to her.

Angela O. said...

Yes, that is no fun shopping for exercise clothes. Especially for people like me that really hate to exercise. I, too, find that Target has great options.