Wednesday, March 15, 2006

All My Bags are Packed, I'm Ready to Go

Well after a frantic few days I'm basically ready to go. The only problem is that our plane doesn't leave until 7 pm tomorrow, so all day I'm going to want to be gone. I will try to really concentrate on the kids and have fun with them.

I am taking one small rolling suitcase (like the carry on size) and one backpack. That is so little compared to what I usually take, what with the two kids. I'm really excited about our trip!!

Linda got here safely after like 12 hours of driving down I-35 during Spring Break. The poor thing!

Joel has the day off too tomorrow, so we really ought to do a big family thing.

I need to go print some Sudoku puzzles for my trip.


Sleeping Mommy said...

Have a happy safe trip Sarah!

Susan said...

I hope you had a great time!!