Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Five Minutes On Housecleaning

I got asked last night about my house cleaning, whether I was a "neat freak" or a "slob." Here's what my answer is after having thought about it.

I would love to have a house that magically cleaned itself, where there were no loads of laundry or dishes waiting. I love the feel of a room where everything is in order and there is room to breathe. And sometimes I actually love housecleaning. I firmly believe that children thrive in an uncluttered environment with a few toys and a lot of love. A real-life example of this is Denali. He's just learning to walk, and a couch pillow on the floor really throws him off. It is a big obstacle in his way.

On the other hand, I also like a house to feel lived in. I like pictures on the wall, comfortable furniture, and a casual feel. I don't want my kids to be afraid to be creative becuase they might spill something or that mommy might yell because there's cushions on the floor.

Therefore my current philosophy, as a mommy of two toddlers, is this: My children are more important than the state of the house. If they need my attention but I'm not finished cleaning the kitchen, I might just leave the floor unswept and unmopped. I try my best to keep the house functioning and clean clothes available for people to wear, but if it's not done, that's okay.

Now my daughter wants a PB&J sandwich, so I am signing off.


Jessica said...

I like your philosophy.(= Even though I'm not a mommy.

And, I'm glad to have found your secret hideout (through BlueCanary's blog). Now the life of Sarah and Joel #1 shall be knownst to us once more!!!

Bluecanary said...

And that is why you are a good mom. Maybe in about 25 years your children will thank you for it. Way to keep first things first

Avery's mom said...

that's the most perfect answer any mother should give. they say cleanliness is next to Godliness but I'm positive that Christ can forgive me if my floor isnt swept daily.

oh and some good news, I finally got blogrolling to add you as a link. I've been struggling with that for months now, but it finally worked. today is going to be a good day ;)

Karen said...

Good insight. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure it helps to step back for just a minute sometimes and reevaluate your priorities. I'll try to remember that for when I have kids.