Monday, March 13, 2006

A To Do List for the next three days

A. work out
B. Visit new baby in hospital
C. Visit Amy
D. Pick up all the crap laying about the house
E. Wash all laundry
F. Vacuum downstairs
G. Keep up with dishes
H. Take dinner to new baby family
I. Weed front flowerbed around little rosebush
J. Plant red pepper seeds
K. Water new flower bed
L. Water new flower bed
M. Water new flower bed
N. Water new flower bed
O. Make up schedule for kids for grandma to follow
P. Pack
Q. Bookcrossing meetup
R. Tour candle factory
S. File all papers
T. Find a place for all the garage sale stuff to stay until I can take it to Heather's house
U. Pack up last of Christmas stuff and take to attic
V. Take anything else to attic that needs to go
W. Play with kids
X. Read my new Reader's Digest
Y. Watch some TV
Z. Sort out toys that I confiscated


Bluecanary said...

Wow, what a list. Mine usually goes like this:

Call so and so
E-mail so and so
Send resume to so and so
Pay bills
prepare class
go to work
do whatever

And that's a busy day. But for some reason I still only get to half of it. Unless I'm really busy, then I will get all that done twice, post a book on my blog, and drive to Europe and back. On a slow day, I will get two items done. I need work to work I guess.

Somehow I have a feeling this is a typical daily list.

Matt said...

Wow! I should really make lists. It is good to read all about your life lately. I didn't know you had a blog. I guess you don't know about ours either. The little wife and I have one together about our life in Salvador. I thought we had you on our update list, but I'm beginning to think we don't now :( By the way, I found you by way of Bluecanary.

Sarah said...

No, we are not on your list. I tried to send you all a Christmas card but that did not work. I didn't have an address.

It's good to know we can keep in touch with you now.

To be fair Blue canary, this list was for three days, not one.

Avery's mom said...

touring candle factories? you have time for that sort of thing with all the watering of your plant bed?

Sarah said...

well that's for the kids, not me.

and no I don't have time, but it's okay.

Chris Nystrom said...

Cool. How do you do the line outs?

Sarah said...

take out the spaces and do < strike > do the dishes < / strike >