Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I admit. I'm addicted to wind chimes. But not necessarily the ones that make the beautiful melody. I'm addicted to the pretty ones with nice flowers and butterflies. I've purchased two in the last two weeks. They weren't too expensive, and that only brings the total up to 3, but still.

In other news, the rosebush we transplanted is blooming, the peach tree is FINALLY blooming, and the wildflowers are a good six inches tall in places. The tomatos have reached the top of their cages, and I see baby tomatos.

The kids are upstairs for quiet time.

I had an epitome yesterday thanks to Supernanny and a blog authored by the mother of an autistic boy. I need to get back to spending quality time with Emmy while Denali takes his afternoon nap. To that end I went and purchased some inexpensive cooperation toys to get us back on track. We had fun this morning.

Well, time to go through the mail!

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