Friday, April 07, 2006

And Time Crawls By

Turns out Joel is staying an extra week in Germany. So instead of getting home on Sunday he will get home next Friday or later.

I'm about out of ideas for these kids. They are simply exhausting and I just don't know what to do with them. My grandma is coming to help this weekend, but I really just want Joel back.

Hope he's having fun there.


We got a little rain last night and today it is (at 7 pm) 88 degrees. We played on the back porch in the wading pool for a while.

I am just tired of kids, tired of chores, and ready for a break. I honestly don't know how military wives do it. I would go insane.

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Angela O. said...

I don't see how military wives do it either!

Wish we were in town we could help you out but we are leaving tomorrow; maybe a trip to Zilker Park or the Children's Museum? Or rent a new movie at Blockbuster?
Best of luck--I'll keep you in my prayers,