Thursday, April 13, 2006


Joel will supposedly be home tonight after the kids are asleep. I say supposedly because I never saw the actual itinerary email and I believe it's too late to contact him. According to my calculations he may already be at the airport.

So today is "finishing touches day". I am going to get a massage, shave my legs, vacuum the house, clean the counters and mirrors, and other types of things. I want the house to look good. I want it to be clean when I get home from trips and I assume Joel would want the same.

I am telling the kids, however, that he will be home tomorrow morning. I do not want Emmy to be staying up or anything like that.

Well I guess my day has begun. Talk to you all later!


Susan said...

I hope you enjoy your day, and your husband when he gets home!

Avery's mom said...

your getting a massage? please, I want to hear all about it , I'm thinking of drawing up a contract that says I will incubate another child for you if I can get a monthly massage during the pregnancy and possibly hair color/cut too or do you think thats too much to ask for?