Sunday, April 09, 2006

A picture from my trip to Papua New Guinea in 1997. I'm the white girl on the very left.

Shortly after my last entry there was a loud crash. Turns out my daughter was trying to take the pillows off the couch to make a fort and she bumped two of my plants to the ground. I must admit that I lost it a little bit. She got banished to the back porch while I tried to figure out who to call. I called one of my friends and got Denali off of the couch. Then my friend came over, my grandma arrived, and since then my weekend has been very pleasant.

Grandma is helpful, and sweet to have around. Mainly I just appreciate a warm body to converse with on adult topics and the fact that I can run to the store for a couple minutes and not have to load up the whole world.

Thank you Grandma and thank you Beth for rescuing me in a time of need. I especially appreciate the reading material "Girlfriends' Guide to Toddlers." I recommend it as a much-needed laugh and advice book for those of us with toddlers (which they define as 1-4).

This afternoon we tackled the garage, and while we didn't organize the tools or anything, we got some stuff up to the attic, got most everything off of the floor, and put some boxes in the garbage that had been sitting out there since Christmas. Grandma also swept for us so we have less leaves, styrofoam pieces, and dead bugs to walk on.

Emmy's wearing my Fraggle Rock shirt that is just too small and too short on me. On her it could almost pass for a dress. She just told Grandma that she looks like a teenager. Yesterday she told Zebra that he looked fat "just like mommy."


I've scanned a few pictures in, watered the plants, and soon I will mow the lawn. By mowing the lawn I mean I will take the robotic mower out there and let it mow.

Happy Palm Sunday!

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Angela O. said...

You are way too hard on yourself; Banishment to the front porch is an at least once daily event here in Seattle. If the porch doesn't work, it is laps around the cove--something I did with one child today while she thought of 10 nice things we did today. She found 12. It's therapist recommended, uncruel redirection. You are a good mom; we all have our moments and need some time outs ourselves. Let's get together soon when I return and catch up. I miss you.