Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Since when does it cost $200 to remove a "nasal foreign body?" That's crap.

I don't think I like this "Health Savings Account" crap. It's still expensive and now we have to pay all of it. Stupid bead. And plus it was in her ear. Is it more expensive to remove it from her ear or her nose?



Amy said...

Wow. I remove nasal foreign bodies every day for free.

jessica said...

My uncle put a pea in his nose when he was a toddler...it begin to stink so grandma took him to the dr. and it has started to sprout! EWWWWW!

The Watts said...

Bummer! Sorry you had to deal with that today.

The next time I see you I'll bring a copy of Jeff's game for you to try out.

Avery's mom said...

I would have to say that it is much more dangerous and delicate to remove something from the nose then the ear. your insurance is charging you wrongly and somebody needs to make a correction.
the nose....the child could have blocked her breathing and died in moments where as the ear.....just deafness but no fear of death. much less truamatic for everyone

Angela O. said...

The ear is a quite delicate area too. Especially if the object makes it to the boney area of the ear.

Either way, do you only have the HSA? Or the HSA in addition to insurance? I'm not too familiar with HSAs; my work doesn't have any of those policies but I could help with deciphering insurance.

Chris Nystrom said...

The HSA is supposed to be in additiona the the insurance. The insurance is supposed to still do its part, and then you are supposed to pay your deductible out of un-taxed HSA dollars.

Did I mention I really loath our unbelievable complicated and stupid tax laws?