Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Birthday to Emmy!

I am so proud of my 4 year old! Yesterday she turned 4 and we had a whole group of people over. I am so proud of her stories that she tells, her energy, her love of dressing up, her beauty, and the way she is learning how to give and take with other kids.

She helps me clean up when I ask, and knows how to turn on all the electronics in our house. She loves God and we often talk about how to know what is right to do.

For her party yesterday we cleaned and cleaned all day, and I decorated a cake. That's right, you heard me. 4 different colors of frosting! I think it turned out all right for my first experience with cake decorating.

Then her friends got here, and we made ice cream snowmen and painted T-shirts. Thanks so much to both grandmas. The party would have been a completely different affair without their hard work.

The highlight of the day: Grandma L cleaned the hot tub cover! It shines! This cover has been gross for 5 years and I could never figure out how to clean it. The answer- soapy water and bleach. What a surprise!

The beautiful hot tub.

My first decorated cake.

My two cute kids.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Well we went to see the movie RV last weekend, and someone requested that I review it.

It has Robin Williams in it. He actually wasn't over the top with his silliness.

It has nice family values and minimal, if any, swearing.

It is funny.

Have you ever taken a long distance trip with your family? If so, you will relate to at least some of the jokes and humor in this movie.

I recommend it.

There are some other actors in the movie but I don't remember who.

The ending is nice.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Almost 7 years ago I married the best guy. Well, I know that's relative, but I really am so glad I went to ACU and met Joel. His joy in life and laughter are what attracted me to him, and now every day I am reminded how much I love him. He still laughs at me, and I laugh right back at him. (Want to know why I laughed at him yesterday??)

We were married in California, out in the country. Shenandoah West is the name of my CA church's retreat center, and it was a lovely setting for a wedding even if it's hard to find. Of course I still think my wedding was the best, but I'm supposed to.

Anyway two kids and 3 cars later, I'm still glad I married him and I look forward to many many more years. For our anniversary we're going back to Mexico while my mom watches the kids here. I think that will go very nicely.

Busy Busy

Well my mom is in town so things have been alternately busy and boring, with not much break in between.

Monday we drove down to San Antonio to visit my great aunt whom I had not seen in 5 years. She's like a grandma to me. So we did some touristy things down there, and then I drove my mom home with me a day early than she had been planning to come.

My first wildflower bloomed. It's beautiful. Now there are a few more to be companions.

We moved the mailbox from in the middle of a rosebush (not so nice for the postlady or the rosebush) to the other side of the sidewalk, where it is much happier in the midst of our Greg's Mist.

Emmy is counting down to her 4th birthday party.

Tonight we are going to a movie. I think it will be RV.

Tomorrow we are going to help Cedar Park "Stomp out Hunger" by handing out paper bags for people to fill with canned food. Then the next week we will pick them up.

We are planning the church camping trip. It will be at Krause Springs. I need to send out a churchwide email today.

Joel has almost finished his climbing wall, at which point I will post pictures. I think our next project will be the master bathroom. No climbing holds in there, just some new paint and hardware.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ping Pong Explanation

I am sorry that I left everyone in suspense over the weekend.

Denali was running around naked, and "ping pong sticking out of your bottom" referred to his boy parts. I don't know why she chose that phrasing.

We are back safely although the kids really got sad the last two hours of the drive. Now they are playing peacefully in the house.

I got to see baby Amaya, and she's really sweet and home from the hospital.

Congratulations to Rob and Sandra on their graduation!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Denali! You have a ping pong sticking out of your bottom!"

No explanation needed there...


Once again I find myself getting ready for a trip. This time we are traveling to Stillwater, OK for Joel's sister's graduation.

I have to:
clean the house
host small group
launder clothing
find a cat feeder

This looks like a small list. But it's not.

I gotta get back to cleaning the grumble grumble house.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Stolen Items Update

I remembered why I left the things outside- I was carrying a baby in one arm and a cat in the other because the kitty had been chasing a bird that couldn't fly. I took the cat to the back porch, and the kids to bed, and completely forgot there had been anything outside.

So I can be partially vindicated for the loss of my items.

I went shopping yesterday to replace some of the stuff lost. It was great therapy. I got a new purse, Denali got a stylin' backpack to use as a diaper bag, Emmy got 2 new dresses and a new pair of shoes, and Denali got a new outfit. It was a nice time.

Once again I am so thankful that the car wasn't stolen and that my keys/license/check card were recovered.