Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Once again I find myself getting ready for a trip. This time we are traveling to Stillwater, OK for Joel's sister's graduation.

I have to:
clean the house
host small group
launder clothing
find a cat feeder

This looks like a small list. But it's not.

I gotta get back to cleaning the grumble grumble house.


Angela O. said...

That doesn't look like a small list at all . . . but at least you get to travel some place fun. Oh wait . . . you are going to Oklahoma ;-) hahaha just kidding.

Let me know if you need us to feed your kitty. We'll be here this weekend.

Go Cornhuskers! (My dad's school) Go Razorbacks! (My Home in Heart) Go Longhorns! (My husband)

Matt said...

Wow! Not a small list. I feel like mine should be that long. And, you can go to Eskimo Joe's as a reward for accomplishing it.

Chris Nystrom said...

If you do not get the small group hosted, you can not go?