Thursday, January 25, 2007


The next time I need my daughter to be quiet I am going to tell her,"There are frightened chickens in China who are dying for quiet time."

I read this in a comment on someone else's blog. I just had to quote it and link to both the other blog and the original news story. It is hilarious.

Original news story

Rocks in My Dryer's blog entry

The commenter of above quote (waiting for permission but if you read the blog entry you can find the quote).


Melanie said...

Hi Sarah!
Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you got a laugh from the comment. We bloggers are sick like that. Dead chickens and all...:>)

The Watts said...

That is hillarious!!

Paige said...

*snort* That was too funny! We used to have chickens. I would have paid one of my kids to pitch a fit near the rooster...he was wicked!

Thanks for stopping be and leaving a comment on my new blog.

Now I'm off to search for missing money ;o)