Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Poor Cactus

I was given a cactus piece last spring. It sprouted two ears and was doing wonderfully. So I planted it in our xeriscaped garden right by the sidewalk.

One ear got kicked off. I retrieved it and planted it in the back.

The other ear got knocked off. I don't know what happened to it.

This morning I went out, and the whole cactus had been uprooted, with a nice hole in the ground, and the cactus was just lying down on the ground next to it, roots exposed.


It's a nice cactus. Not even pointy. Just pretty. If I can get it to survive it will grow very nicely and fast and make a nice cactus.

But someone seems bound and determined to hurt it. And that hurts me.


Amy said...

Cactus vandals are back!? I thought that was a fad that died out years ago.

Susan said...

I am so sorry for your cactus. You have the most gardening ability that I have seen in years, minus my grandparents. I am so sorry that someone decided to vandalize your poor cactus. It is just plain wrong!

Chris said...

So the Cactus haters are back?

...hmmm...maybe we can plant some fake cactus and put a web cam on it and catch them in the act?

kimberlytm said...

Could it be a cat or some other animal?

Sarah said...

I was thinking it could be accidental, but after this morning I am not so sure. The cactus had literally been dug up and left on its side. It was almost as if I had been planting it and dug the hole and then forgot to actually put the plant in. If that makes sense...

I think I do need a web cam. Anyone have one I can borrow?