Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Potty Training Paused

This morning I woke up. I had a plan. Our almost-in-the-potty episode had me ready to start training my boy.

I bought nine pairs of undies for him. We made a big deal out of the potty.

And he proceeded to mess 4 pairs of pants in 2 hours. 3 pee, one poop. Each time he didn't notice at all and could care less.

I started thinking. I asked an experienced mom (8 boys and 4 girls). And I have decided to wait at least 6 more months. He really has no idea when he pees or poops. Even talking about it when I see him do it really hasn't helped much.

I think it will be okay to wait a little while longer. At least till summer, when it's all right to walk around with only your undies on.

If you're two.


I'm getting out tonight with a friend. I've been home with sick kids two days in a row, and wouldn't you know they were preschool days. I'm so glad I paid for the month of January because we went a whole 4 times in that month.

My shopping list with my friend is:
a scale

Isn't that funny? They kinda go together.

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