Saturday, March 24, 2007


Just so you know, mayo can turn and go bad.

Didn't know that.

Didn't know what to look for. Evidently it will smell bad just like anything else.

So go smell your mayo. Is it bad?


Karen said...

Luckily I have no mayo because I hate the stuff.

Linda said...

Mayo is the number one cause of food poisoning at picnics. It is made from raw eggs and oil something most people don't know! They generally think it is a dairy product and warn me about it because of my allergy to the milk protein casein.

Oh, The Joys said...

Mayo scares the bejebbies out of me.

Kim said...

I have always been super picky about my mayo. I do still use it but only buy it in small jars so it's less likely to go bad before I use it.

I did smell my sour cream and it was bad =)

Chris said...

We keep ours in the refrigerator.