Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This week's Supernanny was a great reminder to me.

Recently Emlyn has been very frustrated with Denali when he messes up a project or gets in her stuff. I have not been dealing with it well.

Today as I watched Supernanny Jo said something that I need to keep in mind. I have been lax about helping Denali follow the rules and as a result Emlyn is trying to be the disciplinarian. I need to step up and get onto Denali. Emlyn really has the following rules thing figured out but most of the time I just call out to Denali (from another room) to stop or whatever. I need to get in there and talk to him every time so Emlyn doesn't feel like she has to. Maybe then she can trust me to do it every time.

Thanks Supernanny. You're great.


Linda said...

Yeah suppernanny! All parents need reminding of how important a parents role is.

Angela O. said...

I can't handle the supernanny show--the kids usually drive me nuts before the nanny gets after 'em. But I'm addicted to the Wife Swap before . . . Trey hates it and I don't want D seeing much of it so I record and watch for Me time.