Monday, April 09, 2007


I have been dreaming about our trip to Red Rocks, Nevada. It's coming up soon! We are leaving the kiddos here with my mom on May 2, and we'll be gone until May 9. Red Rocks is a great climbing place near Las Vegas. Last night my dream was about trying to find out luggage in a huge airport that didn't make sense. Then it morphed into something completely different...

Joel went to the REI garage sale on Saturday morning. Evidently REI will give you a full refund on many things if you want to return them, even if they're well-used. Then they have a "garage sale," where members can come and buy the items at a discount. Joel bought me a new pair of climbing shoes, which I was initially disappointed about because they did not have velcro and I really wanted velcro.

Let me tell you these shoes are NICE. We paid $27 for a $120 pair of shoes. I think they had literally been worn once or twice. The have something called "onyx rubber" that is very nice. They don't hurt my toes and the have great edges and I like them a lot.

So after the sleet and cold temps that we had this weekend the sun came out on Easter afternoon Joel started saying "we could be climbing! it's not that cold!" I said "find us a babysitter and I'll come with you." We asked Joel's dad and he came over to babysit.

It was a mile hike in, and still probably 50 degrees out. Pretty cold! But we had a good couple of hours climbing. I completed one climb which should not have been hard but it was, and Joel did two climbs. Then we hiked out in the dark and came home and warmed up in the hot tub. It was a great time even if just a couple hours long.

Today my goal is to find out how much money we have, go grocery shopping, and clean the house. Emlyn is off school so we'll be at home as much as possible.


Kim said...

Yay for great bargains! The shoes sound awesome =) I'm so impressed that you hiked and climbed that much...sounds like a nice fun husband and wife activity!

Linda said...

All the other grandparents think it should be us watching the children we are envious.