Saturday, April 07, 2007

Gardening and Sudafed

Sudafed makes me manic. Today I took one so that I wouldn't feel so yucky from allergies. I couldn't take allergy meds because I'm going to be tested on the 16th and so I can't take any till then. Anyway it's made me all jittery and crazy.

For example, after talking to my gardening neighbor I decided that even though it's 36 degrees outside that I wanted our whole family to come with me to the outdoor garden center we frequent. Did I mention it's 36 degrees and raining?

We picked up:
Black Knight Butterfly Bush- can be up to 8 feet tall and attracts butterflies. Drought resistant.
Louis Philippe Antique Rose- to replace the rosebush we had to move because it turned out to be a climber. It will go in a bed with 6 other rosebushes.
Yucca Pallida- native to North Texas. To replace the cactus the kids kept knocking over. Drought resistant.
Lantana hybrid "rose glow"- to replace the lantana that died over the winter. Lantana is extremely easy to grow and drought resistant. Also attracts butterflies.
One more butterfly bush- to go to church.

I didn't realize when I bought it how big the butterfly bushes get. So we had to rework the plans for them. I'm excited though. I planted all the ones for our house (it's cold outside!) and now I'm going to take the other butterfly bush and a cactus to church tonight (it's cold there too).

I'm still a little jittery but not as bad. I would try to rest but I don't think it would work. Tonight we're going to Easter service at church.


Chris said...

Wow. For sure today was truly a day not to be out and about if one did not need to.

Angela O. said...

Your yard will be beautiful! One of the butterfly bushes we planted last year didn't make it through the summer. We planted them, unfortunately in a hard to water spot of the yard and the littler one just couldn't take the heat. The other one looks good, though.

Linda said...

Wonderful choices.