Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Finished It!

Today I made a blanket. It's not particularly special, or exceedingly pretty, but I finished it.

Almost 8 years ago Joel and I registered for linens. Since Joel grew up in Alaska, some of the requirements were:
a down comforter
flannel sheets

Now down comforters most often come in white, and then you buy a duvet cover to protect it or the rumor is some people just leave them white and are clean or something.

We bought a flannel duvet cover cause I thought they were required.

We hated the duvet cover. The blanket didn't stay put inside, and it was wrinkly, and a big pain to take on and off, and not only that, it was not even a good duvet cover. The fastenings at the top were regular shirt buttons (1 cm) and just right along the top. It was bad.

So we eventually just left the duvet cover in the closet and used the down comforter by itself.

We were given lots of quilts and blankets from Grandma Linda when she moved. One was very old and torn up. It was Joel's "soccer quilt." We had to throw it out eventually because it was so torn up. There were huge rips and tears in it.

Another one was a quilt on its way to being in very bad condition. Most of the top was just fraying and disintegrating. It was sad because I think it's handmade, and it was still warm.

About a year ago I decided to use the old quilt as a base for a new quilt, and put the duvet cover around it and sew it on. I didn't for a long time. I tried to hide the old quilt so it wouldn't get used because of its bad condition but it crept back into normal use.

Today I finally sewed them together. It was pretty easy, just being straight lines and all, and I have Grandma Linda's sewing machine, so that part wasn't hard.

When Joel gets back with the camera I will post some pictures of the finished product. I think it will work perfectly for a living room quilt.


Mandi said...

Congratulations! That sounds extrememly ambitious to me, a severe sew-a-phobe. I'm glad you finished it and I bet it looks great. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Linda said...

I don't have any duvet covers but it sounds like a good use for them to me. It is very hard to quilt something that big on the machine so if you only have a few wrinkles your gifted, which I already knew because I have pinned and ironed for you in the past.

Angela O. said...

That's great! We registered for and got a down mattress pad instead of a down comforter. Problem is--we think it is way too hot so we never use it any more!