Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well, still 158.

I was going to announce that for the next 30 days I'm going to exercise every single day without fail, with God's help.

Then I was thinking maybe I should do my Bible study every day for 30 days too. Or instead. But I already exercised today, so I think it will be too.

I didn't get up early enough to do it before the kids got up, but I will work my quiet time in too. 30 days, here I come.

I believe I will be starting two new habits here, and this is a good thing. At least 30 minutes of exercise and at least 20 minutes of Bible study. So, Day 1.


Briana said...

I have just started exercising daily too! God be with you in both your endeavors. I will pray that your will stays strong throughout the next 30 days. :)

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Hi Sara, Kim just recently shared your blog address with me. Thought I'd pop in and comment.

I hike almost every weekend and have lost about 60lbs since you saw me last. I've taken up backpacking too. I love it!

Ruth Ann said...

Bless you in your endeavors...I have been working on developing a regular Bible study time as well...ideally, I would do it in the morning, but lately, I have been fitting it in when I have a quiet moment during the day. Still been doing well on my the way, what exercise did you do so early this morning?

Kim said...

Way to go on setting some good habits! It's funny that you're starting to exercise every day and I'm finding less and less time for exercise and Bible study. I'm sure it's all a matter of priorities. You're brave to post it on your blog since that means people will actually ask you about it =)