Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

Today for the second time I weighed 155 in the morning. It creeps up as the day goes on but I think 155 is great. That puts me at 40 pounds lost.

Someone off Freecycle took the last of the old fence boards that have been sitting in front of my house for at least a month. It's so wonderful to see my street again.

I am busy making a shopping list of clothes I need to buy in my new size. I need to make another trip to the thrift store, as most of the items I bought a couple months ago are too big. Such a hard life I have.

The only things left to leave my house right now are some books, some unicorn party supplies, an old umbrella stroller, and some garage door opener parts. Anyone interested? I will even ship them to you.

Oh and my hand smells like rosemary because I was working in the garden. It's a nice scent.

Off to play with my kids or something.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Red Rocks Pictures

This is the money I made on nickel slots the first night we were there. I did spend a little more money on them throughout our trip but including all our gambling Joel and I both came out ahead on our trip. We didn't do a lot but had fun anyway.

This is me near the top of a climb. I know I don't look cute, but I definitely look strong. My new shoes were excellent and I enjoyed climbing. I didn't so much enjoy getting TO the climbs. It involved a lot of scary "scrambling" when I wasn't roped in. Have I mentioned I'm scared of heights? The only reason I like climbing is because of the rope and the harness. Which by the way I may need a new one; this one is getting too big. So sad.

That's Joel climbing a harder crack climb. If you notice there's not a rope coming back down; this means he's leading the climb. Every so often he'll put a piece of protection in the wall and clip the rope to it. This means that sometimes, if he falls, he falls a few feet rather than just swinging, which is what happens when one is on top rope.

This is one of the beautiful rock formations at Red Rocks. Those smooth wavy holes are called "huecos." They are very nice.

Even in this desert landscape some plants grow. This picture caught my attention because it seems that even the plants here are red, like the sandstone. Some of the wildlife I saw while climbing was little desert mice, lizards, and of course mosquitos.

It was a lovely trip. Almost every day we would leave our posh hotel and spend the day out in nature, physically exhausting ourselves. We'd come back to the hotel dirty and sweaty and tired and jump right into the "Vegas" atmosphere of well-dressed tourists gambling their money away. It was quite odd. Then we'd spend all evening in the hot tub relaxing. People watching was quite the sport.

The weather was perfect for us. One day it was too cold in the desert but the rest of the days it was very dry and cool.

Emlyn's Birthday Party Pictures

Notice the unicorn hats Chinell and I are holding? I made that pattern up. The kids thought they were pretty fun.

We had a great birthday party for Emlyn. I'm not really sure why Denali is making that crazy face, but it's pretty funny.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Well Emlyn's birthday party went off very well. I am so thankful to Kathy and Chinell for stepping up and making 15oo grilled cheese sandwiches for me while I did other party stuff. I really appreciated their help.

I am very tired and sleeeepy. I will be ignoring the kitchen for tonight.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'm sitting here by myself during quiet time watching "Day After Tomorrow" which is I know a ludicrous disaster movie.

But then it starts raining. Heavily.

Help! The ICE AGE is upon us!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My friend Tim posted about friends today and I evidently had strong feelings about the subject because I commented like five paragraphs to him.

I want to expand on it here a little bit.

It's very easy to buy into Satan's lies. I constantly hear things from Satan about my skills at mothering, my body, and the way I deal with people. It's very hard for me to remember that these things are just lies.

One of the worst lies Satan tells me is that I am the only one I know who makes mistakes. People don't like to admit they make mistakes or that they have problems. We are good at pointing out other people's mistakes, or even praying for other people's physical ailments, but it's awfully hard to admit that we have problems.

This is why I make a point of telling people when I'm having a hard time. I try to be honest, like last week, when I'm overwhelmed. Even when I think it's a small problem, like a messy house, or "I feel fat today," I think those things are important to tell other people. What kind of a witness are you being when you never seem to have problems, or you don't share the details of your problems?

I'm not saying I want to hear a step by step detailed report of your colonoscopy. That's a whole other issue. But if you are having a hard time, even if it's "small" compared to cancer or death, it's still important to you.

So here's mine:
I have been prideful lately. I have a reputation for being punctual, organized, and dependable, and I take pride in that. Unfortunately the last few weeks I have not been much of any of those. I have let down a lot of people and that makes me sad. And my pride took a hit because I realized that I am not perfect even in those areas. And I would like to be perfect in some areas. But perfection doesn't leave a lot of room for God's grace.

Having kids and becoming a stay-at-home-mom meant that there was a wealth of women in my situation from all walks of life. They were just waiting for me to take the first step. I have made lots and lots of friendships, even with people I didn't initially think would be my friends.

One thing I've learned from that is that in the "real world" sometimes you have to take a chance. Just because you don't click with someone the first, third, or even tenth time doesn't mean you can't be friends eventually. Give them some grace, some of your time, and admit you have made mistakes. Laugh with them and share your trials and you will have friends. I have to work at it, and I am blessed with so much free time to do just that.

To reward those of you who have stuck with this and finished this long post, I give you a word picture.

You know guys who always have it together? They usually wear their sunglasses on their foreheads, just below their hairlines. It makes them look as though they should be driving a Porsche or something. Well Denali got some new sunglasses, and his default way of wearing them if they're not over his eyes is to wear them on his forehead. It really makes him look like we need to buy him a BMW.

I don't know who this dude is. I got the picture from But he looks cool. And his sunglasses are on his forehead. Denali is cuter when he does it, but Joel has the camera so I can't show you.

Happy Birthday to Emlyn!

Emlyn turns five today.

The last year has really been a joy as she learns how to be more grown up. She's really coming into her own and being pleasant most of the time.

Today for her birthday we went to The Original Pancake House for breakfast. The kids had chocolate chip pancakes and thought they were great. Then we went for her 5 year checkup- everything is fine.

Later we will go to the Children's Museum and then out to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. It will be a great time.


I had to toss 7 of my 11 tomato plants. I think they have Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. :(

Anyway hope your day is great!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Cactus Revisited

Remember when I wrote about the poor little cactus in our front yard that kept getting kicked over by some school kids? I finally left it in the gutter (couldn't bear to throw it away) and bought another cactus that didn't look as interesting. This morning I was outside and saw that, in the gutter, this little cactus ear grew two more ears this spring. In the gutter.

I rescued it and put it in a pot on the back porch.

What a resilient thing!

Mother's Day Book

When I returned from my Las Vegas trip there was a package for me from Emlyn. She had made it at school. When I opened it I was so excited to see a book for me! Here is the text. You'll have to imagine the sweet pictures because I don't have the camera right now.

The bold text was what she filled in (hopefully without too much prompting from her teacher).

"My mom is as pretty as a princess.
I like it when my mom gives me candy.
For fun, my mom likes to sing. (I love this one. I love to sing and I'm glad she said that rather than sit at the computer or something. The picture is of a big face with a big open mouth in the center)
My mom likes to shop at HEB.
My mom always says I love you."

Isn't that so sweet?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good Kids

My kids are so cool.

Emlyn's birthday is on Wednesday and the parade of new toys has begun.

This morning I decided to see if I could get her to give away a box of toys in anticipation of her new ones. Both she and Denali made some good decisions. Even Denali was willing to part with a few of his cars, although I'm not sure if he really understands what we're doing. The point is we did fill up a pretty sizable box, and even if there were only a few things in it, they were big things. I'm happy.

Off to see if we can go through the movies as well.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good Friends

The last two days have progressively been better than Tuesday. I am starting to get caught up on laundry and dishes and chores and errands and playing with the kids. I really appreciate all of your support. I have had good talks with a few good friends and life is seeming more normal. It was really hard on Tuesday to ever believe that life could be better, but here, two days later, it is.

The camping trip was pretty good despite my imperfect organization. We had 6 families from church and we went to a nice campground just an hour away. The kids loved swimming and would have done so all day if we'd let them.

Today I got the garage back to pre-trip organization, which is still not perfect but at least most things have a home. I am almost caught up on laundry and dishes.

Our wildflowers and other plants are doing very well with the beautiful weather. I'm hoping my 11 tomato plants start setting blooms soon. I like tomatos.

Thanks again, friends, for your support and understanding. I hope I will be back to normal soon! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm scared.
And a little bit lot sad.

You know that vacation?
That one week, stay in a posh hotel, eat and do whatever I want vacation?

It didn't rejuvenate me.
It didn't make me so glad to be home and back with my kids.

Instead it made me selfish. And tired.

And that camping trip?
Just a chore.

And the visit with a long time friend?
More tired and hateful to the kids.

I am tired.
I don't know if I'm even allowed to say that after such a blessed vacation, but I am. My house is still a wreck, there is still a pile of wood trash sitting on my curb, and I just can't get a handle on the laundry. I feel tired and ill and just want to crawl back under the covers, and when my sweet baby boy rejects the idea of naptime and repeatedly comes out of his room I smack him.

My mother's day was great and the kids were sweet and so was Joel.

And I don't feel as though I deserve it because I suck.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Here and gone again

Our trip was lovely. I actually had several chances to be bored and had a great time.

Three highlights:
Winning $100 on slots the first day. And I didn't gamble it all away.
Watching the Bellagio fountains. I could have done that all week.
Hiking out in the wilderness and watching desert animals.

Today we are going camping. I of course have another long list. Yuck. I don't really want to clean house or pack. But I have to.

I gained a couple pounds on the trip and didn't do a very good job with my Bible study, but the exercise was automatic because of all the hiking and climbing. I got halfway up my first 5.9 ever.

Well I hate to be here and then gone but I have to go do a bunch of stuff, like getting dressed.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Off to Red Rocks, Nevada

Today is my packing/getting ready day for my trip. I've had a great time with my friend Shannon and her kids. Here's my list of things I hope to accomplish today (because I know you guys love my lists).

exercise My 14th day in a row!!!
transfer money
make guacamole, to E school
Emlyn to school
Petticoat Fair
pick up mom
bank- money to mom
Emlyn from school
meals to Johnston family
pack remaining items
get papers together for mom
camping email
Bible study