Monday, May 21, 2007

Mother's Day Book

When I returned from my Las Vegas trip there was a package for me from Emlyn. She had made it at school. When I opened it I was so excited to see a book for me! Here is the text. You'll have to imagine the sweet pictures because I don't have the camera right now.

The bold text was what she filled in (hopefully without too much prompting from her teacher).

"My mom is as pretty as a princess.
I like it when my mom gives me candy.
For fun, my mom likes to sing. (I love this one. I love to sing and I'm glad she said that rather than sit at the computer or something. The picture is of a big face with a big open mouth in the center)
My mom likes to shop at HEB.
My mom always says I love you."

Isn't that so sweet?

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Kim said...

That is really sweet! What a great mother's day gift =)