Sunday, May 27, 2007

Red Rocks Pictures

This is the money I made on nickel slots the first night we were there. I did spend a little more money on them throughout our trip but including all our gambling Joel and I both came out ahead on our trip. We didn't do a lot but had fun anyway.

This is me near the top of a climb. I know I don't look cute, but I definitely look strong. My new shoes were excellent and I enjoyed climbing. I didn't so much enjoy getting TO the climbs. It involved a lot of scary "scrambling" when I wasn't roped in. Have I mentioned I'm scared of heights? The only reason I like climbing is because of the rope and the harness. Which by the way I may need a new one; this one is getting too big. So sad.

That's Joel climbing a harder crack climb. If you notice there's not a rope coming back down; this means he's leading the climb. Every so often he'll put a piece of protection in the wall and clip the rope to it. This means that sometimes, if he falls, he falls a few feet rather than just swinging, which is what happens when one is on top rope.

This is one of the beautiful rock formations at Red Rocks. Those smooth wavy holes are called "huecos." They are very nice.

Even in this desert landscape some plants grow. This picture caught my attention because it seems that even the plants here are red, like the sandstone. Some of the wildlife I saw while climbing was little desert mice, lizards, and of course mosquitos.

It was a lovely trip. Almost every day we would leave our posh hotel and spend the day out in nature, physically exhausting ourselves. We'd come back to the hotel dirty and sweaty and tired and jump right into the "Vegas" atmosphere of well-dressed tourists gambling their money away. It was quite odd. Then we'd spend all evening in the hot tub relaxing. People watching was quite the sport.

The weather was perfect for us. One day it was too cold in the desert but the rest of the days it was very dry and cool.


Linda said...

I have never seen cash made in "Vegas", red desert rocks or "huecos" and personally never will so thanks for sharing. Wow!

Mandi said...

Looks and sounds like a neat trip. I don't know why everyone I know seems to be winning money is Vegas except me! Congrats!

Angela O. said...

That looks like such fun. What beautiful, unusual formations.

Té la mà Maria said...

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Chris said...

That rock climbing looks like a lot of work? Maybe they have steps on the other side of the mountain? It is worth a look anyway. Might save you some work.