Monday, June 18, 2007

Beauty and Children

I have been reading a lot of things recently that reminded me that children need to be surrounded by beauty in order to thrive. I also listened to an old Jewel song the other day that reminded me.

I was therefore pleased when Grandma Linda gave us some beautiful linens she had designed and crafted. We have been short on table linens because I just don't like many offered in stores.

Anyway she gave us these beautiful items, which I think she could sell for lots of money, and I am excited. And one of the best parts is that she said I could really just wash them in the washer, and that it was okay if they got used and/or stained. That's something that paralyzes me from using the nice things sometimes. I am not good with the stain removal, and Denali is really good at making stains.

You see? Our first stain in the making.


Today I am a princess! said...

Those are adorable. I love handmade things, and am also paranoid of ruining them with my own messiness.

Kim said...

Those are beautiful! I'm glad you have something new (and handmade) to brighten up your life. She did an amazing job designing those.

Angela O. said...

They are very pretty. I like the walrus.