Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday- Quarantine Day 1

I paid a lot of money (for 2 appts) to see the doctor this afternoon. Both kids have a rash on their torso/trunk area that started looking like mosquito bites and ended up having very small white spots in the middle of some. They weren't big enough for chicken pox, the doctor thought. There was no fever, and they itched somewhat. Emlyn only had about 5 and seems to be fine. Denali has about 20 and is somewhat uncomfortable. Diagnosis: could be atypical chicken pox but it's 50/50. She really doesn't know.

So we are considered contagious until the weekend.

Today as far as housework is concerned I:
1) Cleaned kitchen all the way to mopping
2) Worked a little bit on the neverending pile of papers
3) Caught up on laundry including our sheets
4) Cleaned some in the garage
5) Gave things away on Freecycle (anyone need an umbrella stroller or 10 small boxes?)
6) Cleaned master bedroom and bathroom
7) Ate too many cookies...

I have a feeling the house is going to be very clean by the time this weekend rolls around...

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Angela O. said...

Last night was the first night at home for us in a long time. Trey worked on homework while I got the kitchen semi-cleaned, did 3 loads of laundry (+ folded and put away)and ate too many M&Ms. :-)