Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quarantine Day 2

I would be posting pictures of my wildflowers because they are really beautiful right now, but our "new" used camera is dead. We will just have to buy a new one I guess. Luckily Consumer Reports just reviewed cameras this month.

The laundry is still getting done but the kitchen is clean and lunch is in our tummies. The rain has been coming down off and on for a week or so, so our plants are all very happy.

The kids are not bored of legos yet, so that's a great thing. We have watched TV more today but not too much.

Emlyn was learning on Starfall about idioms. She knows about "ants in my pants" and "letting the cat out of the bag". She thinks they're funny.

Off to move some laundry.


Kim said...

Good job staying busy with the quarantine! I need to stay home and unpack but there's so much I don't know where to start..

Chris said...

If you need some like emergency movies we could drop off a few in your mailbox.

Angela O. said...

We have lots of art supplies for alone time.

We've started a quiet time for bed and D has been working on one coloring book for the past 2 nights.