Thursday, June 07, 2007

Quarantine Day 4

Natives still restless.

The good news is that yesterday evening Joel was able to watch the kids while I went to visit my sister down south. I love spending time with her and I got to see her new house. It's really little but still I think they will have a nice space.

I stayed up way too late but I really needed the time away from the kids.

Last night for dinner I was going to make a very special meal- coconut shrimp which Joel really likes. I had all the ingredients (gasp!) and I took a long time with it. Then I burned it.

It was still edible but not as yummy. I have issues with the broiler. Any time I do a recipe that calls for the broiler I ruin it. I don't like it. It cooks too fast and I don't check it soon enough. So whatever. I feel bad that I ruined it but I got over it.

I really need to do some grocery shopping but I'm worried the kids are still contagious. I guess I'll make my list today and go tonight when the kids are in bed.

I have to fix a graduation hat now.


Mandi said...

I have those same issues with the broiler. Just hate it.

Angela O. said...

Do you have gas or electric? We have a gas stove and broiler and it works fine for us. My problem is I hardly ever use it--I deep fat fry instead :O)