Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rain and Kayaks and Cameras

A. It has been raining every day for two weeks. I LOVE RAIN! I am still not sick of it, but then we haven't had flooding so that's probably why.

B. In the rain last night Joel went out to by a used kayak with accessories. At 10 pm. He got $100 off the price because he went last night.

C. Joel, the amazing husband, fixed our camera last night. We had bought a new one because we didn't know if the old one was fixable, and Joel likes to wait to take things apart till we have a replacement. But he fixed it!

D. My friends are so nice to me! One of them gave me a bag of super cute clothes. I'm wearing purple today.

E. I have to go get the kids up cause I have somewhere to be at 8:30. Why is it they always sleep in on the mornings you don't want them to?


Today I am a princess! said...

I am so loving the rain as well. It was good to say Hi last night. Don't worry, I also don't recognize people from their blogs. I met Amy three times I think before I realized the connection. :)

Angela O. said...

Now you have an extra camera--that's great! Or you can pass down to the kids and see things from their perspective--we've done that with Danielle and it's pretty cool.

Myra said...

Morgandy used to sleep in only on Sundays and Wednesdays. Its like they just KNOW. Enjoy your new clothes! It's so fun to get new things.