Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Slippery Slope of Pest Control

Joel and I don't like to kill bugs. I've talked about that before.

But what about termites? They are very bad! They will eat your whole house up!
And then there's fire ants. They eat your kids up.
And then recently we have had issues with carpenter ants. They eat your whole house up too!

So where are we supposed to draw the line?
Most people would agree that you should kill the termites. That's one kind of pesticide that is, I think, mostly geared just toward termites.

Lots and lots of people kill the fire ants.

The problem with the carpenter ants, though, is that they don't have a pesticide for just carpenter ants. It's for "anything with 6 or 8 legs." And that's sad! I like spiders! And most other bugs don't bother me.

But I just paid $92 for the dude to spray for carpenter ants all over my house. And that includes anything else with 6 or 8 legs. And that makes me sad.


Angela O. said...

I feel the same way about fleas. It's hard to find something that will kill the fleas in the yard without killing everything else too.

Joel said...

Fire ants are interesting because they aren't native to the US. So killing them is in fact reversing the problem caused by humans.

As for termites & carpenter ants, what we really need to do is build buildings with non-decaying materials like steel, rock, etc. Not with wood. But we keep using wood because it is cheap.

Today I am a princess! said...

Next house ... steel frame! or I think they are even doing something with Styrofoam. Seriously, some guys house is Styrofoam between like hardboard, and it's lasted since the seventies!

Sorry about the spiders, don't worry, God will make more!