Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thornless Blackberry Bushes Installed

Joel's sister brought us some thornless blackberry bushes from the University of Arkansas. We counted about 17, which is technically too many for the space, but you can see that some of them are pretty sad from being transplanted. So we doubled up the spacing, figuring that half of them would die.

First we dug 16 holes and stuck one plant in each hole, except one hole got two. We filled the holes with a mixture of compost and the existing dirt.

Then we added lots and lots of water.

Then we took some paper bags we got for free from Lowe's and put it down around each plant.

Next we put mulch on top of the paper. This is pine bark mulch, which in the U of A's study did the best for production.

We borrowed some bricks from the neighboring bed to edge it out. Here soon we're going to go get a bunch of limestone from a local supplier and edge it all out in style.

Did I mention we watered again? We want to give these plants as much of a chance of survival as we can.

It will probably be a couple of years before we get any berries, but we'll take care of them and keep hoping.

Oh and we did all of this between 8:30 and 10 pm tonight. After the kids were asleep and it wasn't hot. It actually worked well.

We harvested our first peach today.


Angela O. said...

Congrats! My dad doesn't get many peaches anymore; the deer eat anything not surrounded by an electric fence.

We'll have to do a fruit exchange soon - our figs are growing and growing.

Today I am a princess! said...

That is fabulous! When it's time to pick them, let me know. Isabella has been picking blackberries in her Mamaw's yard since she was just walking. :) Too bad they are thorn less, she could show you how to get around those too!

Oh, The Joys said...
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Oh, The Joys said...

Woops. Wrong comment - i meant to ask you to tell me how they turn out. Blackberries are my favorite.