Monday, June 25, 2007

Thrifting and Altering

I got to go to a thrift store today with some friends. They were gracious enough to watch my kids while I tried on 17 items. Thanks! The store was having a 1/2 off everything in the store so I spent $31 and got 6 clothing items and some toys for the kids.

One of the dresses, which I spent $6.50 on, was lacking something. I figured out that it was a waistline. So I made one.

Here's the dress before alterations. Pretend it's not crooked and that my neck isn't bisected. Although it does make my neck look long!

I measured my ribcage just under my bra and fiddled with different widths for the sashing. This fabric is very stiff and black. I bought it for fixing Joel's car, but there's enough for me too. I decided 2" was about right. So I cut a length of fabric about 33 inches long (2 for give room) and 3 inches wide. Then I called my fabulous neighbor over to pin it on. Neighbors are great because I really really wanted it done by tonight.

I found some buttons in my button box for the back. The dress wouldn't go over my head without a little more give so I just sewed the sash on the front half and the back half is loose, then buttoned. I stole some dress hangers out of another dress to make the loops for the buttons.

Then after about another hour, with the kids watching TV, I finished it. I don't have a closeup of the buttons in the back. Imagine them. This one is taken at my neighbor's house.

And this one with my neighbor's camera. I like the sharpness of the image.
So there you have it! $6.50 and 2 hours of my time for a really cute dress.


Mandi said...

I'm intimidated by anything that even resembles sewing, so I'm very impressed with your work. The dress is very cute and your talent is amazing!

Angela O. said...

You look fabulous, darling. And very stylish and hip!

Anonymous said...

The before and after is amazing. I'm impressed with your design insight. It never would have occured to me to add a waist...You look great. -Lori

ndossey said...

Way cute Sarah!

Today I am a princess! said...

Super job on the dress! Your sewing far surpasses mine. :) And I took classes!

Don't forget to stand up straight with your shoulders back. You look great. ~Briana

Myra said...

So cute! I'm so impressed! It was great to see you the other day! You'll have to come with us next time too!