Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pictures for the Grandmas

Even when she's being silly she's still beautiful. And starting Kindergarten in less than a month.

This was my mother's day hat made for me by Emlyn at preschool. Isn't it gorgeous?

Denali trying to ride his sister's bike. He couldn't care less about his tricycle.

I think there is a boy under there.


Linda said...

I love you for taking the time to post for us Grandmas. You are a treasure. I'm sure there really is a boy under there I recognize the blanket and boots and is that his mothers foot I see? I may have to put that one in my wallet just for laughs.

BP said...

Cute pictures! What a beautiful hat!

Angela O. said...

giggle! So cute - just precious.

Pryncss Briana said...

That hat is rockin! You should totally wear it out, but not in the rain. It doesn't look up to it. Nice little rain boots and blankie too. :)