Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Well our three week experiment in hermit crab ownership is officially over. I did my best and spent a lot of money, but they both died.

We picked them up on a whim while Grandma Linda was here, and I immediately researched care and ownership. I went and got them a great aquarium (thanks Grace) and sand and things to climb on and better shells and everything. Emlyn's had never been as active and died about a week ago. Denali's was excited about life but died today.

I fed them all kinds of food and did my best with the resources I had. I won't say I am 100% guilt-free here. The other day I gave the crab a 20 minute bath instead of 2 minutes. But this website says that if they die within a month of purchase there was probably not much you could do about it and it was just the stress of being caught, transported, etc. I am glad they had a good life in the wild before being captured. They were both pretty big.

I will say that the website, hermit-crabs.com, is a really awesome resource. And I will also say that hermit crabs are not as easy as you might think to keep alive.

Now I have to figure out how to tell Emlyn.


Angela O. said...

sorry about your hermit crabs. My brother had them when we were little but I didn't pay much attention so can't help you much. Maybe next time will be better.

BP said...

Sorry to hear that. How did Emlyn take the news?

Linda said...

are you done with hermit crabs or will you get to possibly younger ones. Learning to care for something can be good for kids. Too bad Joel is alergic to cats you really are a cat person. I got offered the greatest cat today! Too bad I'm a dag person.