Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten

Emlyn and Mrs. T.

Emlyn had a whole entourage to walk her to school today. Joel came along, which he won't usually do.

We got to see our neighbors and friends walking to school as well. We are only about a block and a half from the school. It's an ideal distance.

For lunch she had honeydew melon, cheese, sausage, and bread cut into flowers. She requested triangles for tomorrow. She also had some green bell pepper.

Denali and I had an almost normal day. We waited for the plumber (didn't take him long to fix the problem), and then went on some errands. I should have had him nap before picking Emlyn up because they just want to play together now, not rest. For the first 9 weeks Emlyn will rest at school.

She looked very weary when I picked her up. And it was stinkin' hot! I know it will just get cooler from here but it was hard to make them walk faster than... standing. I brought a snack and some water. It was too hot to play on the playground.

Yesterday we finished up with swim lessons. Emmy got to ride in a boat! It was awesome.

Tomorrow is a busy day. I'll drop Emlyn off and then go get a massage and then watch another boy for the rest of the day. I guess I need to go get my tired-but-not-sleepy kids and bring them downstairs to play.


BP said...

I was hoping you'd post some first day of school pictures!

Mandi said...

Glad the first day went well. That truly is an artful lunch. You are probably going to win some kind of "mom award" for that!

Angela O. said...

What a great lunch for the first day of school. And so glad the whole family got to go. Have a nice relaxing time with the massage!!