Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Grandma Billie and Kindergarten Preparation

Grandma Billie is having her 75th birthday party on Saturday. It will be a great time with all eight of her children there. One of her sons is organizing it and he asked us to do a scrapbook page with some thoughts or memories of Grandma Billie.

I wrote a couple of sentences and sent them to my uncle, and he responded "sounds good! I'll be looking forward to seeing your scrapbook page!" which challenged me to go ahead and do one. I took a regular sized piece of paper and set to work. I do not scrapbook very often at all, and I only have a few supplies, but I think it came out well. Then Emlyn asked if she could do one, and so there you have it. Our additions to Grandma's book.


Emlyn starts Kindergarten soon and we have been practicing getting up, dressed, out the door, etc. Today went pretty well if we hadn't needed lunch. We had a leisurely walk to the playground and played for a bit before coming back home.


BP said...

Those are so sweet! You all three did a great job on the scrapbook pages. That book will be a treasure I'm sure.

Ruth Ann said...

Sarah, good idea about getting ready to get out the door before that morning...we made NatJ a colorful morning routine to hang on the wall, and it has really helped him to keep on track.

Kar said...

Those are so cool; I wish I was going to get to be there. Tell her Happy Birthday for me, please.