Sunday, August 12, 2007

Independence Day in August

EDIT: I fixed the link for the coloring pages. It should work now.

Yesterday the kids were waving around the flags I bought at Office Depot on clearance. They were marching and acting very patriotic. I started singing "You're a Grand Old Flag" and couldn't really remember the words very well. Then I remembered my new favorite friend iTunes. I went on their store and searched for patriotic music and what do you know? My favorite kids' music company has an America album. Cedarmont Kids are a Christian group and they always have great worship songs sung by kids. It isn't extremely annoying either. So I bought the whole album and then burned it onto a CD. We were marching all over the living room with it turned up really loud.

Then Emlyn took it a step further and wanted me to be making flags and coloring them. I decided to google and find some pre-made coloring sheets for Independence Day. I used these.

We had lots of fun and now I feel that we've really done a great job celebrating our country's independence a month late.


BP said...

I love the Cedarmont stuff, too. The coloring sheets didn't open for me.

Angela O. said...

I remember lots of kids having "You're a Grand Old Flag" as a favorite song as a kid. I like it too.

It's never too late to celebrate our great county's independence :-)