Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lunch #2: Tacos for Joel

This morning I was almost at a loss as to what I should send for Joel. We are out of leftovers and frozen entrees. So I made him a bento lunch (the first for him). Contents:
andouille sausage over black beans
sour cream

I wrapped a cold pack in a paper towel to keep it cool and it all fit nicely into a little box with a handle. Let's see if he likes it.

The only thing he would have to reheat (if he wants to) is a silicone dish with the black beans and sausage.

The kids and I will be having pasta salad (thanks to Chinell), pineapple, and hard boiled eggs.

This is so fun! Let's see if it lasts until school starts.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that web site. Monty and I used to eat Bento boxes at Ichiban all the time BK. I made one today with quesadillas, apples and blueberries. Thanks for the link - its wonderful.

Joel said...

Yummy but messy. The paper towel soaked up the black bean water, which then dripped on my desk and made the tortillas soggy. Contents required too much assembly and cleaning for a lunchtime meal. But it tasted good and looked pretty.

Angela O. said...

I splurged on Subway for lunch yesterday. We usually take frozen dinners, sometimes leftovers or eat out (which gets costly)! Trey has a really good cafe in his building though.