Thursday, August 09, 2007

Say Bye-Bye to Siding

Our city has a program I refer to as "bulky pickup week." Twice a year you get to put out all the big things that don't fit into a trash can and the city will take them away for you. It's fun to watch all the other people cruise by looking for a free treasure. A lot of the time our stuff does not even make it to the city because other people take it first. Which the city is okay with.

Anyway for some reason no one wants old rotten siding, except, I guess, the city. So it sat out for a couple weeks and this morning the coolest truck came to pick it up. The city has two kinds of trucks. One is a huge claw hand that comes off the top of one truck, picks up the stuff, and drops it into an open-top truck. It's like a crane or something...

The one that came today is way cool. The back is open. Workers load stuff in. Then a dragging claw/hand thing comes up and over the stuff, chomps down, and drags the stuff back inside while making a horrendous noise. It's awesome to see it eat a couch or half a house's worth of siding.

I should have taken pictures. I wonder if they allow that.

Anyway half the siding has been replaced and the old stuff hauled off. We (and by "we" I mean "hard-working men", not "me") are making progress, people.

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