Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ummm, oops?

I have been mailing lots of things lately. Yesterday I took three packages to the post office. One was for Grandma Linda, one for a friend, and one for Joel's dad's sister-in-law. This morning I looked for the package that's supposed to come with me to my grandmother's birthday party. It has the scrapbooking pages in it, as well as photos for others of my cute kids.

It's not here.

But Grandma Linda's envelope is here.

Which means that the package for today is really on its way to Alaska.


Thankfully I scanned those pages into my blog, so I can print them out and take them with me today, with a promise of the real thing coming.

I am a dork sometimes.

Oh and I mailed a pic to one of my friends that I had written "to Granna" on it. Did I mention I am a dork sometimes?


Chris said...

Don't you wish some days you could have takovers?

Angela O. said...

I've done things like that! Don't worry about it. I'm sure your grandma will understand.