Sunday, September 23, 2007

Long Overdue Photo Update

Denali took this picture. I'm skinny! That's all I could say when looking at it. So weird to look at a picture and see skinny.

This is a partial shot of the blorange quilt I made for my sister. It took me two years because I don't ever have enough time for quilting.

We can get Emlyn far enough up a rock wall so that she can swing. That's the only reason she'll climb usually, is for the swinging afterward.

"You cannot get through unless you ask."

My bro Daniel came to visit. It was fun.


Angela O. said...

Look at Emlyn on that rock-I'm so impressed!

Kar said...

I love that picture of you. And I love you, too. Thanks for being a good friend to me.

jennyonthespot said...

Ooh - I love the skinny pictures - yay for you!!!! It sure is nice to see the fruit of hard work :)