Sunday, October 07, 2007


Emlyn, Daniel, Me holding Denali, and Grace
When my brother Daniel was here for our birthday we drove down to Natural Bridge Caverns. I love caves (when I'm not lost in them) and we had a good time. They took a picture and I wouldn't have bought their (extremely) overpriced photo but the lady said it made her laugh because of the kids. So we bought it, and it is pretty funny. I guess.


Chris said...

That is a cute picture.

Chris said...

I wanted to comment on the latest entry on Joel's blog but after I click all I get is a blank screen. Does it work for you?

Angela O. said...

That is a fun photo.

Ginny said...

Hi Sarah! It's Virginia. I just wanted to say that I have my picture with Ben in that very same spot you guys are standing. I love going to caves.

It's good to see all is well with you and your kiddos. Denali is getting really big from what I can tell of his picture.

You all take care!