Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Denali's Plan

Denali: Well when someone knocks at the door, I'm going to answer it. That's my plan.
Mommy: It's important to ask Mommy before answering the door.
Denali: It's going to be someone with pizza.
Mommy: Oh, really? How will that happen?
Denali: Well they will come to the door with pizza. The pizza man will bring pizza.
Mommy: What will be on the pizza?
Denali: Just pepperoni. And one with cheese.

Mommy: What are you playing with?
Denali: A battery.
Mommy: Where is it? You're not supposed to play with batteries.
Denali: I don't know. The battery just flewed away. Oh, here it is. It just flewed away.


Mandi said...

I think that's a great plan. If there is a man at the door with pizza you should definitely answer it!

Kar said...

He sounds like such a treat, the things he comes up with. :)