Monday, October 22, 2007

Honey Chicken

I made the following recipe for my family tonight. It was really really easy. Joel and I really liked it, Denali would have liked it if he was hungry, and Emlyn didn't try it.

I served it with spinach (I was the only person who actually ate that) and some toasted cheesy bread. I just sliced up some bread and put cheese slices on it, and baked it in the oven at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes, till the cheese was melty. Of course everyone loved the cheesy bread (who doesn't?), which I couldn't eat. At any rate it was so quick and easy, and my family appreciated it. Hope some of you get to try it!

Honey-Worcestershire Chicken

Summary: Sweet (honey), tangy (Worcestershire sauce) chicken

You'll need:


Optional: Beat the raw chicken breast with one of those metal cooking mallet-thingies. Chicken breast that is pounded down will cook up very soft and tender.

Cooking: Heat oil in pan til hot. (Optional: throw in slices of garlic). Throw on the chicken; immediately sprinkle some sauce on it. As it cooks, spoon some honey over it too. Yes, it's messy, and yes, it burns to the pan, but the more honey or sugar you can get on, the tastier. Add more Worcestershire sauce, too, until the chicken looks like it's coated in barbeque sauce. Once chicken is thoroughly cooked (make sure it's no longer pink on the inside), serve immediately. Steamed veggies and maybe mashed potatoes go nicely.


Angela O. said...

mmm - that does sound yummy. Thanks for the recipe.

BP said...

I needed new chicken recipes! Thanks.