Sunday, October 07, 2007


The last two days I have mostly been occupied with completing a 750 piece puzzle. I finished it this afternoon. It's pretty. I like puzzles, but they are not always kid-friendly. Denali is at a stage now where he can leave puzzles alone if asked to, so this went well.

Tomorrow I have declared to be "clean my house and catch up on paperwork day." I have a few important emails that take longer than 30 seconds to write, and I have to balance the checkbook, and the house is starting to look more cluttered than usual.

That is the end of my story.


Chris said...

I love puzzles! But most people I know do not love them.

Kar said...

I hope the sequel had a happy ending. ;)

(I promise I'm not going to start doing this all the time but the word verification was too funny not to mention: dedss. It's when you're really, re-e-a-lly dead.